Event TI Flights

Either you have a wedding on the beach, want to fly around your favorite music festival or watch a big sporting event from a bird’s eye view – Combine your events with a trial instructional Flight from Byron Bay Gyrocopters and experience the true potential and benefits of a Gyrocopter. We can fly safely extremely slow, are extraordinary stable in turbulence and we are allowed to go as low as 300ft over most unpopulated area.

Throughout the year we have many local festivals and activities in our region, such as the nation wide famous Blues Festival, the Writers Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Mullum Music Festival, Swimming or Golf Contests, Triathlons, Kites & Bikes, Mullum to Bruns Paddle, Wedding ceremonies at the beach etc. If gatherings or masses of people come together, it always looks best and can only be captured from the bird’s perspective. At those occasions we take advantage of the Gyrocopters unmatched versatility and extreme low minimum altitude requirements. We can operate TI Flights around these occasions and go as low as just 300 ft msl (over unpopulated area) and up to 10.000 ft above ground. Make a great event unforgettable.

Please contact us on 0487 50 25 50 and let us know which event you just cannot miss, or book a flight from the left menu on the date of your event.

Thank you.