The Buy & Fly Saver program is our contribution to help our students making the dream of owning an aircraft become reality. If you purchase any new Gyrocopter from AutoGyro Australia (Cavalon, Calidus, MTO Sport or MTO Classic) for your training with us, then we will not only give you a $1000 discount on our 20h-training package, but you’ll also get another discount of $75 for every additional training hour. On top of these massive reductions of your overall training costs you’ll save another $150 on each Solo-Training hour in comparison to the standard hire-rates. This means that over an average training time you would have a massive total saving of around $3000 and more!

We at Byron Bay Gyrocopters understand the needs of novice pilots from our many years of experience in pilot training and aircraft services. The benefits of training in your own aircraft are just outstanding and unbeaten. Besides the enormous savings of thousands of dollars in training costs, you would also learn how to fly your own aircraft in the safest way under the guidance of our Chief Flying Instructor. You will also know about the specific flight mechanics of your aircraft type and learn how to look after it in terms of maintenance from our professional gyroplane mechanic. By the time you have finished your training program with us you will be in all aspects an expert on your own aircraft.

Learning how to fly a gyro is one important and simple step, but thinking and planning ahead about how and what you’ll fly once you’ve got the certification makes all the difference.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it too often: a freshly signed-off pilot who just learned all these fantastic new skills of flying Gyrocopter and who just experienced the joy and freedom of aviation, walks out of our training facility (still with the Gyro-grin on the students face). Sadly, it takes sometimes months before this student would hold a gyro’s control-stick in their hands again when life is catching up after the training. Next step is often that this novice pilot would buy and fly an aircraft, which he/she has never flown before and after a longer break since training. Needless to say that this is not ideal.

That’s why we came up with our Buy & Fly Saver. Learn how to fly Gyrocopter’s in your own aircraft. Our experienced Chief Flight Instructor will give you a proper introduction and a sound familiarisation to your aircraft. He will explain to you all you need to know about it, from maintenance, small repairs, pre-flight-checks, ground- and upper air works in order to handle it safely in all phases of flight; and best of all: you will save thousands of dollars!

This is our contribution to get you started and the best and safest way to introduce you to the fantastic world of aviation.

Please contact us and find out what great deals of used and new gyrocopters we have waiting for you. Thank you.