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Free Complimentary Training Package (CTP)

This 10-hrs Training Package comes complimentary as part of your decision to become an owner of a new gyroplane from AutoGyro purchased in Australia and most importantly: it’s completely free of charge*.

You will receive professional gyrocopter training in your AutoGyro from our Chief Flying Instructor, learning all basic skills, which you need to fly safely and to know your own gyrocopter. This package is designed to get you started in a safe way, either for converting from your existing license to the gyro certification or for your first steps of becoming a pilot and discovering the exciting world of aviation.

With the purchase of your own gyrocopter from AutoGyro Australia you’ll not only get 10-hours of Gyrocopter Flight Training, free of costs. Your comprehensive training will also include how to do pre-flight checks on your AutoGyro and learn all about maintenance and your gyro’s mechanical components, service schedules and other owners’ responsibilities.

Also included in this course are briefings before and after each gyro training flight, a minimum of 2 hrs of Flight Theory lessons, the BAK, FR&P, HF theory examinations.  Every additional Gyrocopter Training Hour maybe required to finalize your training would come to a much-reduced rate of only $175 instead of $275.

(Please note: this package is only available at participating AutoGyro Training Facilities in Australia. Please contact us and enquire where your nearest place would be. *General gyro owners’ costs e.g. ASRA membership, hangarage fees, fuel, AC insurance etc are not included in package).