Be a Pilot for One Day




Become a pilot for one day

Your Chief Flying Instructor will guide you safely through a step-by-step training program for one day, where you are the student pilot. You will learn in theory and practice how to fly a gyrocopter in straight and level flight, learn how to turn, descend and climb in a gyro. You’ll go on to two 45min flights with an instructor that day, which will be officially recorded as your first flight training lessons. Before and after each flight there will be professional briefings, where we cover aviation topics like aerodynamics, flight rules and procedures, as well as flight mechanics. This is a perfect introduction to aviation and an unforgettable hands-on experience for everyone who is interested in flying or is thinking about a career in aviation.


2x 45min training flights with a Chief Flying Instructor, introduction in how to fly a gyro in theory and practice, briefings, debriefs, duration: 4-5 hrs, no signing up for memberships or contracts required

Can’t get enough and you want more afterwards? No problem, then you can just upgrade to one of our other gyro pilot training programs and only need to pay the balance and not the full amount for the next program.