What do I need to bring for a Flight?

Byron Bay Gyrocopters will provide you with all that you need: a flight suit, aviation headsets and a pilots-helmet. You should bring your compact camera, SLR or video camera too otherwise you would regret it deeply, promised! All cameras, which you want to use must have a wrist strap, neck strap or string attached to the camera’s body. Unfortunately we can not allow a hand held smart phone without any safety straps attached. In addition to this, you should bring a hat, sunscreen and some drinking water due to the hot Australian temperatures and eventual waiting times between the flights. Teenagers under the age of 16 need to bring the written consent of their parents or legal carer.


How do I get to Tyagarah?

We have a detailled map and directions on this homepage (Location), which will help you to find us. Considering that not everybody has a car, we can provide pick-up services from Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay. This service is free of charge for all 90 min TI Flights and for bookings of two people or more. For all other flights we would need to charge you a pick-up fee of $40 per person. (please inquire for availability) There are local Taxi-Companies and Uber available from Byron Bay, too.


What if I am scared of heights?

That’s usually not a problem, most pilots are too. Seriously, we take great care of our passengers and students. The Intercom installed in all our aircrafts allows us to talk to each other anytime during the Flight via our Headsets. If you don’t feel good, then we just go back and see how you go. In 99% of cases the scared-of-heights-feeling is only relevant when having solid ground under your feet (it is the scare to loose the solid ground and to fall). This is usually not effective when you move with the aircraft (“ground”). Ask yourself if you had the scared-of-heights-sensation when you flew the last time in an aeroplane.


How high do you fly?

On our TI Flights we usually fly between 500 ft and 1500 ft (150 m and 500 m). This is a sufficient “safety-height” for flat land flying and beaches. This is also a great Altitude for exploring what’s on the ground or in the water and it’s not getting too cold yet. In aviation there is the general rule: more Height – is more safety. Going over Mountains or Ridges, we generally fly in a safe distance regarding to the contour of the landscape. Sometimes we just have to stay in a certain altitude depending on the location (especially around airports) in order to comply with the Air Regulations and to provide safety for the traffic around an airport.


Is flying Gyrocopter dangerous?

A Gyrocopter does not stall or tail-spin and can even land smoothly after the engine has stopped in mid-air. Gyro-Flying is not more dangerous then driving in a car (in fact, the statistics says that flying Gyrocopters is actually by far safer). Anyway, we guarantee that our full-time Instructors are highly professional in what they do and they do anything to make flying with you as safe as humanly possible. The Gyrocopter itself is known to be one of the world’s safest aircrafts. Even if the engine would fail completely a Gyro would still keep on flying due to its unique ability of auto-rotation (self-propelling Rotors).


What is Auto-Rotation?

Auto-Rotation follows a similar principle as a child’s toy-windmill. Blowing over the wheel of wings, the wheel starts to spin and keeps on spinning as long you provide it with wind. This means for the Gyrocopter, as long there is wind coming through the rotor blades, they will keep on spinning fast enough to fly and land you safely. A Gyrocopter cannot stall and this ability makes is to one of the safest and most efficient aircrafts in the world.


Is there an age, weight or height limit of people you take on board?

Yes, there are limits and restrictions. The passenger we can take up for a FI flight should not exceed 110 Kilograms or 240 Pounds. A Student for full Flight Training should not weight less then 60 Kg and should not be younger then 15 years old (under 16 years – you will need a written consent of your parents or legal carer). For any older TI flight passengers and Student-Pilots, it is important to let us know if you are on any medication or if you have physical restrictions of any kind.

There are no real body height restrictions as such but a short student must be able to reach comfortable the foot pedals in the aircraft and a taller or bigger person should not hinder the control stick to move freely.


What happens if the weather is bad?

Flying is always weather permitting. If the weather conditions are not good for flying, the Flight Instructor will cancel/ abort and postpone the Flight. And if we can’t fly you over the following 3 days due to the bad weather, you will be fully refunded. All our Flight Instructors are experts in Meteorology and are always well informed about the latest weather observations. Safety is our priority, always!


How do I pay you?

We accept Cash, Credit Card and Transfers into our bank account. (For all credit card payments our service provider will charge you a 3% surcharge). Due to the interrupted and slow broadband connection for electronically payments at the hangar, we would prefer cash payments on the day we fly.


Payments for TI Flights:

For the TI Flights bookings more then 3 days away, we would like to ask you for a 20% deposit and for Flights on the day, the full payment is to be made before you enter the aircraft.


For Student Pilot-Training

By choosing a Pilot-Training-Package, we would like to ask you for a 10% deposit in conjunction to the booking. The full payment is due at the day the Pilot-Training is commencing. For all other Training hours you pay as you go.


Is there a discount if we are a group of 4 people or more?

Yes, there certainly is a discount for you guys. The amount we can discount is depending on how many people want to fly and which sort of Flight or Training you want to. Please give us a call or send us an email and let us know. Phone: 0487 50 25 50 / Email: info@gyroflights.com.au


Is there a refund in case I or you need to cancel a TI flight-booking?

Yes, please read here through our refund policy for our TI flights

  1. If your flight is cancelled by one of our staff, you may rebook or get a full refund. For packages-deals booked through us the refund will be for the amount of the booked Gyrocopter flights only.
  2. Gyrocopter flights are completely dependent upon the weather and are regulated by Civil Aviation Safety Regulations. It may be necessary to postpone a flight at any time, if in our judgment the conditions are not suitable.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel a flight at any time up to the moment of launch.
  4. A gift voucher is unfortunately not refundable.
  5. A booking is transferable to another person. If another ‘gift voucher’ is to be issued there will be a $10 administration fee.
  6. Gift Vouchers remains valid for 1 year from month of purchase.
  7. If you do not arrive in time for your booked TI flight and/or you miss it or are a “no show” the booking is forfeited and neither re booking nor a refund will be made. Same thing would occur, if you would cancel “on the spot”, means we don’t refund for change of mind after everything is set to go. If we are holding a credit card for security and you miss the flight or cancel on the spot the credit card will be debited.
  8. Flight dates and bookings may not be altered within 1 day (24h) prior to the flight date or the ticket is forfeited and neither refund nor a re booking will be made. This also applies to bookings made for gift vouchers.  Thank you.


What if I have to cancel a Pilot Course or Pilot Training-Package?

Please read here through our refund policy for our Pilot Training Courses

If you cannot attend your scheduled flying lesson, Byron Bay Gyrocopters politely requests that 24 hours’ notice is provided for cancellation.

We understand circumstances may arise outside of your control however reasonable notice given allows another student the opportunity to have a lesson booked in your place. Additionally, more than likely we already have allocated your instructor and other resources to your flight.

You can advise our Flight Instructor to reschedule your lesson by either calling or sending a SMS to the school on 0487 50 25 50. Alternatively, you can send us an email to: info@flygyro.com.au

Should you be unable to provide at least 24 hours’ notice (within reason), you will be charged a non-negotiable lesson cancellation fee of $149,00. Prices are subject to change.

In the event of cancellation during the course-program or training-package, the student is entitled to a refund of any funds paid in advance, minus the total of all training received, flight-theory seminars, written Exams or other expenses incurred by Byron Bay Gyrocopters on behalf of the student, including an administration charge of AU$390.

All notifications of withdrawal from a course or requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Senior Flying Instructor on info@flygyro.com