This package is tailored for converting pilots with a current pilot licence (PPL, CPL, RAAus, etc), who would like to obtain the Australian Gyrocopter Licence. It includes 7 hours of dual Flight Training in one of our modern factory-build Gyrocopters, together with our Chief Flight Instructor. The package also includes 2 hrs of theory-lessons, BAK, FR&P and HF examinations and briefings as well as an 1 hour hire of the aircraft for your first solo-flight in a Gyrocopter (supervised), which are requirements for the ASRA Pilot Certificate.

Every additional Dual Training Hour would costs you only $245 after purchasing this great package bundle.

Gyrocopter Flight Training Package includes:

  • 7 hours of professional dual flight training by an ASRA accredited Chief Flight Instructor
  • 7 training-hours, hire of a modern Gyrocopter (MTO-Model)
  • 1 hour Solo-Flight, hire of a modern Gyrocopter (MTO-Model)
  • Hire of a flight suit and aviation helmet with head set
  • In-Flight instructions and de-briefings
  • ASRA’s BAK, FR&P, HF Examinations

Cost: $2650*

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*= This price does not include an ASRA membership, registration fees or property insurance for the hired gyrocopter. This offer cannot be transferred to any other students or Flight Schools. At all stages of the training and in case of any hazards or safety concerns, has the Flight Instructor has the right to cancel, abort or to refuse the training. Thank you.

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