What do Pilots and Students think about us…

Amazing Experience

I went for the ‘pilot for the day’ experience, since I have started training in the Czech Republic where I spend most of my tine to become a gyro pilot. So I wanted to get some experience, while in Australia (live occasionally on the Gold Coast), and Byron Bay area is a gem! So I had my first experience flying a gyro, did most of the work except for the take off and landing, of course. It was a wonderful experience and Oli was absolutely perfect, and I had a lot of fun! Loved every minute of it, flying around Cape Byron, practicing some routine south of Pottsville. Even spotted a few sharks half between from Cape Byron to Brunswick Heads. 
Jiri.   Gyrocopter student, University lecturer

Don’t pass up this experience

If you are in the Byron Bay area and looking for a unique and unforgettable experience contact Oli for a gyroplane flight.
I recently completed my passenger endorsement with Oli after training with him a few years ago to get my gyro license.
As usual and as in the past, Oli was terrific and put me at ease while teaching me effectively with his various approaches.
I always forget how beautiful that part of the world is.
Russell B.   Gyrocopter Pilot, Farmer


Oli is a legend in the gyro world. I learnt more in a week than I thought possible. What an epic part of the country to fly as an added bonus. Be warned you may become addicted to gyros after flying with Oli😆 Thx again
Phil C   Microlight Pilot

Ex Military helicopter instructor & test pilot

As an experienced Helicopter, Glider and fixed wing pilot, I booked in with Oli for conversion training. The level of instruction is extremely high with no detail left unanswered. Oli insists on high standards of himself and of his students. We managed to complete the syllabus in good order and I enjoyed my solo flying immensely. If you are considering doing some Gyroplane flying, either as a novice or as a converting pilot I couldn’t recommend Byron Bay Gyrocopters more. I plan to do some more with Oli in the coming months.
Peter   Commercial helicopter instructor, test pilot, tutor, ATPL, +7000 hrs experience

The thrill of becoming a pilot

After my first TIF flight I was hooked, I’ve realised that flying a gyro is what I’ve been looking for for many years. And now I’m absolutely ecstatic that I have completed my flight training with Oli! It’s been an amazing experience with a few bumps along the way as the weather conditions are not always perfect.
Oli is an amazing teacher, he has so much knowledge and experience with gyrocopters and is very generous with his time when it comes to teaching. As I had no previous flying experience it was very valuable for me that Oli somehow knew when to take it easy on me and when to push me to get to the next stage. I’m so grateful for such guidance and support!
I would 100% recommend Flygyro for both the best quality flight training and a thrilling TIF flight around the incredible Byron Bay! 😊
Nat   Gyrocopter Pilot

Perfect Training

I am an airline pilot in Europe with 15 years of experience and I got very interested in gyrocopters over the past few years. When I’ve got time off from work I came to Melbourne, I was searching for gyro schools around Europe and also in Australia. After quite some research I found flygyro and travelled from Melbourne to Byron Bay. Once I met Oli, I knew immediately that my choice of school was right. As I am used to work in a very professional environment, I really appreciated the high standards of professionalism and the quality of education at flygyro. Oli is not only an experienced instructor but knows everything about the maintenance and dealership work so I would call him a Gyrocopter professor. He answered all of my questions about gyro and guided me through both theoretical and flying/practical aspects of operation. I am very satisfied about the course and strongly recommend flygyro to anybody interested in learning everything about gyrocopters from a professional.
I also recommend to have a flight with Oli, its one of the best attraction at Byron Bay. You will be amazed.

Cagri C   Airbus A-320 Captain and commercial gyrocopter pilot

Excellent day out

My Dad, Uncle and I, all had flights with Oli today. He was a gentleman to deal with, his tuition was excellent, and the flights were fantastic. All of his equipment was in excellent condition. Would highly recommend going to see Oli for anyone with an interest in flying.

Steve Aviation Enthusiast

Amazing flight

I had an epic 1 hour gyro flight with Oli a week ago. This was one of the best flying experiences I’ve ever had, incl. microlight, light aircraft, glider, helicopter, etc. Gyrocopter is an amazing aircraft which ticks all the boxes for me personally, as it’s safe, fun, fuel efficient, stable, and visibility is awesome as I could see the scenery to the sides and right below me. I was so impressed with how much marine life there is to see here. We saw more than 15 whales, and, I’m guessing, more than 30 dolphins on our way to the main Byron bay sights. Gyro provides a very comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, and it is not too windy or loud even in an open cockpit.
I would highly recommend this fun gyro flight in Byron bay to everyone who enjoys a thrill of flying and beautiful views. Another cool thing about this experience is that Oli would teach you a bit of flying if you’re up for it!😉
Have a fun flight!🚁

Natalya  currently Gyrocopter student pilot

Training is only part of the fun

What was clear to me when I started training with Oli recently was that he is incredibly dedicated to his students and exceptionally diligent when it comes to applying safety and good airmanship. He is able to balance the need for a student to learn ‘hands on’ (which includes making mistakes), whilst being acutely aware of the limitations and capabilities of the student and aircraft, only taking over when it’s clear intervention is required. I can highly recommend Oli as an experienced Gyro Instructor, and of course the area is stunning to fly around. I’ll be returning for my biennial flight review without hesitation..

Paul   Converting CPL Fixed Wing & CPL Helicopter Chief Pilot

Couldn’t get any better

I commenced flight training with Oli in Feb 2021 and have come back to continue in May, I will return again as soon as possible! Oli is a great mentor and makes the learning process very user friendly. I would recommend his instructing services to anyone. I would also highly recommend his services to any tourists looking for a memorable experience, between pods of dolphins, sharks, the occasional sea turtle and other various marine life easily visible from the air combined with Oli’s knowledge of these animals you can’t go wrong.

Warwick   Contracting Company Owner / Farmer

Aim high and learn to fly

Oli brings more than skill & experience to the gyro world – he brings passion, committment, and an unparalleled mentoring spirit. Learning to fly a gyro with Oli has been not only one of the best learning experiences, but one of the best life experiences ever. Thank you Oli for your patience, encouragement, and positive approach to teaching someone how to fly. 

Stephen   Entrepreneur and Horse Breeder

Don’t miss out!

Took a 30 minute flight with Oli l and I have to say it was one of the most memorable experiences ever. Oli is an absolute gent and keen to share some of his wisdom of aviation. The flight was so smooth and the views of Byron and its wildlife were world
class. The entire experience had me smiling from ear to ear. You will regret missing out on this one for sure…

Ryan   Adventurer, Traveller

Top Notch Gyrocopter Flight Training

I have recently completed gyrocopter flight training with Oli at Byron Bay Gyrocopters and cannot recommend the experience and training methodology highly enough.
Oli’s approach to my development from a total beginner to a beginner pilot was flexible, continually adapted and responsive to my individual strengths and weaknesses. I was allowed to make errors while flying and learn through my own experiences all the while being within Oli’s safe hands.
Most importantly I have been gifted with the right attitude towards flying – now it’s up to me to keep it.

Russell   Farmer, Pilot

Awesome Instruction

Oli is a talented gyro instructor and has a passion for not only teaching students to fly a gyro, but also encourages students to become ‘craftsmen’ at efficent control and mastery of all things gyrocoper. As a converting pilot I have really appreciated his sound knowledge and skill. Would thoroughly recommend him.

Colin   Converting RPL Fixed Wing Pilot

A must do experience

My wife bought me a 1.5hr TIF for my birthday. Had an amazing flight along the coast around Byron Bay. Saw whales, dolphins and ship wrecks. I am now saving up to do my licence with Ollie later in the year.

Brett   Drone Operator

I still can’t wipe the smile off my face!!! You MUST do this!

Simply Awesome!  I would thoroughly recommend Oli, he is an outstanding professional pilot and instructor. His teaching methods along with his wealth of knowledge that he was able to pass on to me, made me always feel safe. I’m an Airline Captain with over 11,000 hours, so I know how to spot a good instructor when I see one. Some people say why a Gyro? , I say why not!. What a fantastic decision I made to learn to fly a gyro and I definitely made the right choice on who with and where, now my only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago! Byron Bay has to be one of the most picturesque places along the Australian coastline from the air and from a Gyro it felt like cloud 9. Now my family members want to give it a go too! If you are even considering it, just do it! You will have the same smile on your face as i did. 🙂

Rohan   Converting CPL, RAAus Pilot and Airline Captain

A top gyrocopter instructor in Byron Bay area

After decades of flying many types of aircraft, I decided to give a go to the Gyrocopter. After a discovery flight, I signed for the full learning package with Oliver, the instructor and owner of the business. It has been a most interesting experience. Gyros are different from fixed wings and helicopters. They can bite if not flown properly. Today, licence in the pocket, I feel very safe and properly instructed to fly safely these amazing machines thanks to Oli’s very methodic, rigorous, pleasant and excellent teaching on his modern new generation German Gyrocopter. Thanks Oli.

Daniel   Converting Fixed Wing and Helicopter Pilot

Excellent Flight Instruction

I’ve just spent 3 weeks training with Oli and it was an amazing experience. He has decades of experience as an airman and it shows. He is an excellent instructor with a really well structured approach and teaches you not just how to fly, but how to be a safe and responsible airman.
I can not recommend him highly enough; just the best.

Jeff   Gyrocopter-Student

Hidden Gem of Byron

I first came to see Oli at the end of 2016 for a trial instructional flight for gyrocopters. It was a great experience to fly over the shipwreck, the marine life – especially the sharks and the beaches.
I came back to Oli at the end of 2017 and during early 2018 to undergo flight training for gyrocopters. What most people going for trial flights with Oli probably don’t realise is that Oli is a highly qualified and experienced flight instructor, only flying the most modern factory built machines. As a chief flying instructor, he is one of the instructors other pilots go to for pilot certificate upgrades and flight reviews. As a now fellow gyrocopter pilot – I can also state that Oli maintains his gyrocopters to an extremely high standard.
As far as value for money goes – why would you pay more money in South Queensland more a 5 minute helicopter ride (stuck with 5 tourists) when you can go for an hour trial instructional flight in a gyrocopter and be given the opportunity to take the controls and have a truly awesome and personalised experience – it’s a no brainer.

Brian   PPL / CPL Pilot and Instructor, RAAus Pilot, Gyrocopter-Pilot

Greatest intro to flying gyros

Have had the greatest intro to flying gyros during the last 10 days, Oli is full of knowledge and makes learning to fly an amazing experience. Can’t wait to continue and get my license, Gyros are the most fun.

James   Gyrocopter-Student

Highest Standard !!!

(A Flight-Instructor’s comment to ASRA’s Operational Manager, after reviewing some of our students…)

…the standard of instruction was outstanding. The students been trained to the highest standard in theory knowledge and flying competency.

Garry   Gyrocopter-Instructor

Top Class Training Facility

My son and I recently finished our training with Byron Bay Gyrocopters. I experienced Oli, the senior flight instructor as a very professional and friendly instructor to work with. He is running a top-class gyrocopter training school at Byron Bay. The in-flight instructions were clear and precise and we had briefings before and after each flight. The theory lesson were held inside with powerpoint presentations and on the white-board in preparation to the written exams. After I finished and got my pilot-licence I met few other instructors along my way, where I experienced different methods of training and I can only say that I am very happy that we have learned with Oli. He offers exceptional professional training in a safe and friendly environment to an affordable price and I can only strongly recommend his school. 

Rob  Gyrocopter-Pilot

Excellent. Highly recommended !!!

I started training in WA with various other Gyrocopter teachers and had a break for few years after an incident while I was training. Byron Bay Gyrocopters gave me not only the opportunity to complete and finish my training which no one else could offer me, Oli also gave me my confidence back that I can do this. This is a great training facilities and I find Oli highly professional and friendly. Oli is not only a teacher, he is the professor of Gyrocopter.

Kim,   Microlight / Gyro-Pilot

Great Learning

I came to see Oli for a refresher course. I haven’t flown my inclosed Gyrocopter for a while because I had some unpleasant flight-experiences before. I was initially trained by another instructor and had my licence for a while, but after few days of training with Oli I had not only my confidence back, I also learned so many new fun tricks and skills which I haven’t learned in weeks of training before. (I went and bought a second, open-cockpit Gyro afterwards, one just like Oli’s 😉

Peter   Gyro-Pilot