The first category is for new pilot students or Ab-Initio (from scratch). Our training follows the official Syllabus provided by ASRA (Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association) and leads you step by step to a valid ASRA Pilot Certificate, which is mandatory in order to fly Gyrocopters in Australia. For Ab-Initio students, there is a regulatory requirement of a minimum 20 hours of training, which includes a minimum of 15 hours dual flight training, and a minimum of 5 hours solo flying. In addition to the practical training, there is also the necessary multiple-choice written exam to be passed. We proudly offer ASRA Student Training at affordable prices in the highest quality training conditions.

The second category is for converting fixed wing pilots or helicopter pilots, who want to acquire new basic skills in order to fly Gyrocopters. For holders of a fixed-wing or micro light Pilot Certificate, the Gyrocopter training requirements are reduced significantly. We will take into account the pilot’s previous experience and it requires a minimum of only 5 hours of training. From our experience the training time can range between 8 to 15 hours and the mandatory written exams to pass in order to complete the conversion to a Gyrocopter pilot. Another advantage is, that ASRA normally recognizes the converting pilots existing endorsements.

The third category is for already certified Gyrocopter pilots, who want to get better and improve their aviation skills with us. Byron Bay Gyrocopters organises and conducts BFR’s, Maintenance-Workshops, XC-Training, Meteorology-Seminars, Safety-Courses and much more excellent educational seminars about Gyrocopter Flying.

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