Service & Inspections


1 year / 100h SERVICE

Full 25h or 100h service inspection on MTO, MTO Sport models. $550

1 year / 100h SERVICE

Full 25h or 100h service inspection on any Cavalon models. $650

Teeterbolt-kit Replacement

Including: Fitting of a new Teeter bolt, castle nut, split pin, 2x bridge Teflon-bushes, 2x tower Teflon-bushes.

A new teeter bolt and bushes can make a huge difference and reduce stick-shake on your gyrocopter. Factory recommended replacement time is every 200h or earlier, if stick-shake is pronounced. $249

Windscreens Fix

Front or rear, new Wind Screen Replacements for MTO Sport models. Fitted. From $139

Propeller Replacement with Bolly Carbon Fibre Propeller

Including new Bolly Propeller (3-Blades), spacer disc, screws, hub, removal of old Propeller, fitting of new Propeller, pitch adjustments and measurements. $2300

Filter Drier Replacement

The filter drier in a gyrocopter is an essential part of the pneumatic pre-rotating system and often neglected. Not changing it can cause substantial problems in the pre-rotating and trim activation (just read the forums about it!). Recommended replacement is every 200 hours. Fitted: $189

For all other mechanical work/repairs we would charge you by time of labour to an hourly rate of $89. Thanks

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