The MTO Sport is a factory manufactured autogyro made in Germany using the latest in computer aided design (CAD) technology and is fully certified in Germany and the United Kingdom to the most stringent testing procedures.

In fact, the MTO 3 and now its successor the MTO Sport were the first gyroplanes ever to achieve British CAA BCAR Section T certification, one of the highest standards of certification in the world!

The MTO Sport is also the most popular gyrocopter of the world. Their popularity worldwide continues to grow due to their renowned safety, clean aerodynamic lines and high enjoyment value.

With the MTO Sport, its not all play either, it is ideally suited to aerial observation roles, photographic sorties, or in daily service for pilot training. In fact there are a number in Australia that are used in agricultural applications due to their STOL capabilities and dramatically reduced operating costs when compared to helicopters!

The MTO Sport is also used by Government agencies in Europe and USA for traffic observation duties, search and rescue coordination other important roles.

Because of the low operating costs, the MTO Sport has untold potential for use in emergency situations such as bush fire and flood observation, coastal observation and has been successfully used in a trial for Shark Watch on the NSW North Coast.

The MTO Sport can operate from just about anywhere and there are many examples round the world and especially in Europe where skis or floats have been routinely fitted.

There are many well thought out design features which makes the MTO-Sport highly durable with a long life expectancy and that set the best selling MTO Sport apart from its competitors:


  • The MTO Sport airframe is manufactured from high grade TIG welded stainless steel, which is electro-polished to give it amazing durability and a handsome shine as well making it easy to inspect and maintain.
  • The MTO Sport is powered by the reliable industry-standard Rotax 912 ULS aircraft engine, which provides excellent performance. Of course, the Rotax 914 Turbo is also available as an option giving even better performance.
  • The tail unit, nacelle, propeller and the main landing gear are manufactured from high quality composite materials.
  • The rotor system is extruded from aviation-grade aluminum with a NACA 8H12 airfoil section.
  • The hub bar is reputed to be one of the strongest designs around and is exclusive to the MTO Sport and in fact used in all aircraft manufactured by Auto-Gyro Germany.
  • The MTO Sport is the first aircraft to gain approval under the German regulations for ultralight autogyros. The strict German noise regulations ensure that the MTO Sport is very quiet.
  • Superb quality factory construction and finish.
  • Wide range of standard colour options.
  • Custom painting – your colour, your design!

With its modern styling and high performance, the MTO Sport turns heads wherever it goes and there is no shortage of takers for trial introductory flights commonly known as TIF’s. The smiles say it all.

The advantages of the MTO  Sport over conventional fixed-wing aircraft

  • Open cockpit fun while remaining well protected from wind and rain.
  • Turbulence has little or no effect – no bouncing around!
  • Minimal takeoff distances (typically 50 to 150 meters).
  • Very short landing distances.
  • Wide speed range, with a very low minimum speed safely possible.
  • An MTO Sport costs around 10% of the cost to own and operate a helicopter yet can accomplish 90% of what a helicopter can do.  Unlike a helicopter an autogyro cannot hover, take off or land vertically.

In 2007, four MT 03’s (the predecessor to the MTO Sport) circumnavigated Australia – the first gyroplanes ever to achieve this. The trip took the four pilots just 15 days to complete and in the combined effort they accumulated over 400 hours of incident free flight time and covering more than 50,000km on the journey. 

Over the recent years we had several pilots going around Australia and even around the world !!! in Auto-Gyro’s MTOs and Cavalons with their unbeaten reliability and performance.

The MTO Sport has deservedly earned an enviable reputation for its design excellence, performance and enjoyment value, so whether you are flying cross country or enjoying a relaxing local area flight, the MTO Sport is the gyro for you!

Features of the MTO Sport

  • Two-seat tandem autogyro
  • Dual controls
  • Airframe and accessories fabricated from high grade TIG welded stainless steel which is electro-polished.
  • Engine – Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP or optional Rotax 914T (turbo) 115 HP both with 1:2.43 reduction gearbox and slipper clutch as standard.
  • Useful payload of up to 250 kg.
  • High-grade stainless steel exhaust system.
  • Cockpit, seats, landing gear, 3-blade propeller and tail unit all fabricated from hi-tech composite material.
  • Nose locker.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes  on the main wheels with lockable parking brake.
  • Pneumatic in-flight adjustable trim.
  • Pneumatic rotor brake.
  • 2 radiators guarantee that there is no overheating during the hot Australian summers.
  • Oil thermostat regulates the Oil temp at 80 degrees.
  • 68 liter conductive Poly Ethylene fuel tanks with integrated drain.
  • Auto-Gyro extruded aluminum rotor system featuring a NACA 8H12 airfoil. TBO 2500 hours
  • Powerful engine-driven pre-rotator
  • Full size windscreens for pilot and passenger
  • Wide range of colours