The Buy&Fly Saver is our contribution to help our students making the dream of owning an aircraft become reality. If you purchase any Gyrocopter (second-hand or new) which is suitable for training through us, then we will knock-off $500 of your 20h-full-training-package costs, plus you’ll save $50 on every additional training hour ($165 instead of $215) and on top you’ll save amazing $170 on each Solo-Training hour !!! ($125 instead of $295). This means on a average training time you would have a massive saving of around $2000 and more !!!

We at Byron Bay Gyrocopters understand the needs of new pilots from our many years of experience in pilot training. If you are training on your own aircraft, not only will you become familiar and an expert on your own aircraft from an early stage, you will also become one with your Gyro while we show you how to fly it the best and safest way possible.

Unfortunately we’ve seen it too often: a freshly signed-off pilot who just learned all these fantastic new skills of flying Gyrocopter and who just experienced the joy and freedom of aviation, walks out of our training facility (still with the Gyro-grin on the face) and it may take him/her months before holding a gyro’s control-stick in the hand again. Often those novice pilots will then fly an aircraft next that they haven’t flown before and are not familiar with.

That’s why we came up with the Buy&Fly Saver. Learn how to fly Gyrocopter’s in your own aircraft. Our experienced Chief Flight Instructor will give you a proper introduction and a sound familiarisation to your aircraft. He will explaining to you all you need to know about it, from maintenance, small repairs, pre-flight-checks, ground- and upper air works in order to handle it safely in all phases of flight; and best of all: you will save thousands of dollars!

This is our contribution to get you started and the best and safest way to introduce you to the fantastic world of aviation.

Please contact us and find out what great deals of used and new gyrocopters we have waiting for you. Thank you.