Testimonials – Gyrocopter Training

What do Pilots and Students think about us…

Highest Standard !!!

(A Flight-Instructor’s comment to ASRA’s Operational Manager, after reviewing some of our students…)

…the standard of instruction was outstanding. The students been trained to the highest standard in theory knowledge and flying competency.

Garry   Gyrocopter-Instructor

Top Class Training Facility

My son and I recently finished our training with Byron Bay Gyrocopters. I experienced Oli, the senior flight instructor as a very professional and friendly instructor to work with. He is running a top-class gyrocopter training school at Byron Bay. The in-flight instructions were clear and precise and we had briefings before and after each flight. The theory lesson were held inside with powerpoint presentations and on the white-board in preparation to the written exams. After I finished and got my pilot-licence I met few other instructors along my way, where I experienced different methods of training and I can only say that I am very happy that we have learned with Oli. He offers exceptional professional training in a safe and friendly environment to an affordable price and I can only strongly recommend his school. 

Rob  Gyrocopter-Pilot

Excellent. Highly recommended !!!

I started training in WA with various other Gyrocopter teachers and had a break for few years after an incident while I was training. Byron Bay Gyrocopters gave me not only the opportunity to complete and finish my training which no one else could offer me, Oli also gave me my confidence back that I can do this. This is a great training facilities and I find Oli highly professional and friendly. Oli is not only a teacher, he is the professor of Gyrocopter.

Kim,   Microlight / Gyro-Pilot

Great Learning

I came to see Oli for a refresher course. I haven’t flown my inclosed Gyrocopter for a while because I had some unpleasant flight-experiences before. I was initially trained by another instructor and had my licence for a while, but after few days of training with Oli I had not only my confidence back, I also learned so many new fun tricks and skills which I haven’t learned in weeks of training before. (I went and bought a second, open-cockpit Gyro afterwards, one just like Oli’s 😉

Peter   Gyro-Pilot

Fantastic experience!

irene-kThis gyrocopter flight was my birthday present – and I couldn’t imagine a better one!
Oli is a really nice guy and experienced pilot. Before the flight he checked the gyrocopter conscientiously which made me feel safe right from the beginning. Then we took off. I felt the wind and the sun as a gyro has no top, awesome. We flew over Byron Bay and the beautiful lighthouse. I saw turtles and rays in the ocean. There are two shipwrecks that look quite impressing from above, too. Oli kept communicating and explained everything to me, also that a gyrocopter is able to land without engine power.
When we landed I had a big smile in my face (as was reported) which lasted all day long… Unforgettable! Thank you!

Irene K  TIF student


Awesome Experience

We booked the TI Lighthouse Flight with Oli, the experienced pilot and instructor (Oli was my paragliding flight Instructor years ago in Germany) and it was an amazing experience! I loved the open cabin the makes you feel the wind around you and even more enjoy the beautiful nature: there were rays, turtles and dolphins in the sea (and numerous surf dudes), next to the beautiful view of shoreline of Byron. And it was great to fly above the lighthouse, the landmark of this region. I felt 100% save with Oli and I am glad to have had this wonderful experience!

Tim   TIF student


Great pleasant experience you will not forget

It was a great day. I felt very safe. Oli is a 100% professional gyrocopter pilot. I felt totally safe and engaged. Like being right in the middle of the action in a cock pit of an aircraft. Spectacular views over a beautiful part of the north coast of NSW. Well worth the money. Don’t miss it !!

Hans   TIF student

Riders in the Sky

I booked the TI Lighthouse flight 1 week ago. I met Oli, a very experienced and friendly guy, and he took me on a ride with this his Gyrocopter. We started at the Tyagarah Airstrip and made our way to the Lighthouse above the beach. We saw some big stingrays, dolphins and even sharks !
The flight experience per se was incredible ! Felt like a motorcycle in the sky ! Absolutely loved it!

Vincent   TIF student

gyrocopter … breathtaking experience, would recommend

Flying In the gyrocopter with Oli was awesome! Its a very free experience and the views are amazing. Oli was a great pilot and seeing a school of dolphins was a real plus. Would rcommend. TIP dont wear flip flops or open toe shoes, your feet will get cold

Benjamin  TIF student