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Welcome to Byron Bay Gyrocoptersthe Flight School with one of the most beautiful training areas of Australia, providing exceptional professional service. We are easy to find, right next to the Pacific Highway, just a few Kilometers away from the picturesque Cape Byron (Byron Bay) and close to the magnificent Mt Warning scenery as well as near the famous Gold Coast.

We pride ourselves in being one of only a few flight schools in Australia, which offers a complete Gyrocopter flight training; from ab-initio student-pilots (dual-flight-training) to licensed pilots (incl. solo-flight-training) to advanced pilots (navigation/passenger/meteo-training).

If you want to learn to fly Gyrocopters in Australia, Byron Bay Gyrocopters is committed to providing professional Flight Training at the highest safety level throughout your pilot training. We proudly offer training with the latest generation Gyrocopters and modern equipment, which are up-to-date with the new and fast-changing standards of aviation. Our authorized Gyrocopter Instructors are all long-time aviation professionals and work full-time as Instructors. Byron Bay Gyrocopters’ Chief Flying Instructor and managing director is Oli Mueller. He has been a pilot since 1998 and is working as a professional Flying Instructor for various aircraft (DHV/DULV/HGFA/ASRA) since 2000.

Please contact our Flying Instructors about your personalised Flight Training Program and learn how you can become an airman/ airwoman now, or book a flight from the left menu to experience the joy of Gyrocopter flight.

CALL OUR INFO-PHONE: 04 87 50 25 50

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