Full Gyrocopter Pilot Dual-Training Package

The full Gyrocopter pilot dual-training package can take you through the entire curriculum to fly a gyrocopter on your own! Come and experience the freedom and joy of open cockpit flight.

Gyrocopter Pilot Dual-Training Package Includes:

  • This package includes 20 hours of professional dual flight training by an ASRA accredited Flight Instructor
  • a free aviation weather-seminar and a free 30 min TI Experience Flight with one of our Flight Instructors
  • 20 h hire of a modern Gyrocopter (MT03-Model)
  • Hire of a flight suit and aviation helmet with head set, flight theory and briefings

If additional dual-training hours are required, they would costs you only $215 after purchasing this money-saving package bundle.

(For the supervision of the solo-flights in your own aircraft, which are required at a later stage in order to finalise your pilot license, we would charge you separately. Please ask our friendly staff for prices). Thank you.

Cost: $4300*  

($3300* with Buy&Fly Saver and only $145 for any additional dual-training-hour)

*= This price does not include an ASRA membership, registration fees or any insurance. This offer cannot be transferred to any other students or Flight Schools. At all stages of the training and in case of any hazards or safety concerns, has the Flight Instructor has the right to cancel, abort or to refuse the training. Thank you.