90min Ultimate Experience TI Flight

This will be your most unforgettable Flight experience and shows you what Gyrocopters are made for.  An experienced Flight Instructor will take you up for the ultimate Gyrocopter instructional Flight. After taking-off at Tyagarah-Airstrip we will head straight for Mt. Warning with it’s  impressive and largest volcanic crater in the southern hemisphere. The stunning rim around Mt Warning is best visible from the air and describes one of the world larges volcanic calderas.

From there we will follow the Great Dividing Range and travel south, passing Mt Jerusalem and tracking over the historic hippy town of Nimbin, which is embedded in the forest between sacred aboriginal landmarks and rock formations.

After leaving Nimbin behind us, we will fly over the famous Nightcap National Park with it’s mind blowing beautiful landscape. We will travel over undisturbed “tiger country”, amazing gorges, dams and impressive waterfalls, such as the tourist magnet Minyon Falls. From there the Ocean is again in reach. On our way back we fly over Coffee and Macadamia Farms to Byron Bay with it’s pristine beaches and dramatic head land. Passing Byron Bay, we fly some loops around it’s nostalgic icon, the lighthouse before we land safely at Tyagrah Airstrip again.

Duration: approx. 90 min

Price: $320