Gyrocopter Hire / Charter

Hire & Charter our Gyrocopter

Yes, you can hire our Gyrocopter. We pride ourselves in being one of the first and therefore leading Gyrocopter schools in Australia, which offers this great customer service to Gyrocopter pilots and students. 

Gyro Hire is a simple and effortless way to enjoy the freedom of Gyrocopter flying. 

Hiring our Gyrocopter does make Flying so much easier but most importantly: it makes flying Gyrocopters for most people affordable.

We understand, what a great nuisance it is for most pilot-students, which are basically forced into buying their own Gyrocopter in order to complete their solo-flights, which are part of the process of getting the gyrocopter license. It’s a huge financial drawback for most people, considering that a decent modern gyrocopter can easily cost more than $100,000!

To hire a Gyrocopter is a great way for pilot-students to fly solo to finalise their Gyrocopter training and to practice their flying and keeping their skill-level up after training, without the immediate need of buying their own Gyrocopter. Also we have developed a “Frequent Flyer Pass”, which it is a great opportunity for already experienced pilots, who purely want to enjoy the Beauty-of-Flying itself, without the need of joining a club, renting a hangar and keeping an aircraft constantly checked, maintenanced, serviced and insured etc.

Hire our MTO3, from the world-leading manufacturer Auto-Gyro. This great 2-seater Gyrocopter is top-serviced, insured, fueled-up and ready to go when you come, prices start for less then $100 per hour*!

Prices for Gyrocopter  Hire & Charter   (Tariff Groups)

1 hour Gyrocopter with Frequent-Flyer-Pass*     $  99

1 hour Gyrocopter Student-Solo-Flights               $ 285

1 hour Gyrocopter “charter-as-you-go”                $ 245

0.5 hour Gyrocopter Assessment-Flight               $ 149

Gyrocopter Trailer Hire, Rate per day                   $ 115

(All prices include: rego, landing fees, fuel, council registration fees and insurance for the time of hire).

The Frequent-Flyer-Pass* 

This pass allows our customers to charter our Gyrocopter for the lowest possible fare and is a real winner for pilots who really want to safe lots of money and fly frequently.

There is a one-off annual fee of $2700 (Frequent Flyer Pass) and the hourly rate for the Gyrocopter charter is reduced to only $99.

Requirements, Terms & Conditions

All licensed pilots must have a current ASRA membership, a class 2 medical and a current BFR and should be familiar with flying a modern two-seater Gyrocopter like a Auto-Gyro, Magni or Ela.

All student-pilots must have had a minimum of 15 hours of dual-flight training with an instructor from Byron Bay Gyrocopters and must have been checked for their readiness from our Chief Flight Instructor prior any supervised solo-flights.

Licensed pilots, which haven’t been flying with us before, would need a minimum of a 30 min assessment-flight with one of our instructors before taking-off and need to bring their log books. Overseas pilots are required to pay a bond of $5000, which we would pay immediately back to you, after returning the Gyrocopter without damage.

(Is your BFR not current? No problem, our flight instructor can do the BFR together with your assessment-flight, to no extra-charge for you)!

Timing & Pricing

We tried to make our pricing fair and simple for everybody. The actual payable charter-time will be taken from the hour-meter located on the aircrafts dash-board. The minimum charter and minimum payable charge is for the first 60min, every following time-of-use accumulated after the first hour is calculated per minutes, according to the standard tariff group. Means, if you use the Gyro (engine running!) for only 68 minutes, you pay only for 68 minutes etc.

Aircraft-Damage and Insurance

The bad news is that there are not many other Gyrocopter schools in Australia offering the same great service what we do with renting-out a Gyrocopter. In fact, there is unfortunately only one more, to our knowledge. The reason is because a hull-insurance costs the school thousands of $$$ every year and is therefore for most small schools not affordable.

Good news is that our Gyrocopter is insured and in the unlucky event of an serious aircraft-damage caused by the hirer, the maximum payable fee would be only $8,000 if the repair costs would be under $50.000.

Booking a Gyro, Payment and Cancellation Policy

For all bookings please call us (Phone: 0487 50 25 50) or send us an email. We then would check the availability of our Gyrocopter and let you know as soon as possible and book you in. There is a 20% deposit payable for all scheduled bookings. All payments can be made in cash, credit card (3% surcharge) or via a bank deposit.

If you cannot attend at your pre-arranged and scheduled Gyro-Charter time, Byron Bay Gyrocopters politely requests that 24 hours’ notice is provided for cancellation for a full refund.

We understand circumstances may arise outside of your control however reasonable notice given allows another pilots the opportunity to have the Gyrocopter an hour booked in your place. Additionally, more than likely we already have allocated our personnel or instructor and other resources to get the Gyroplane ready for you, pre-flight check and fuel-up.

You can advise our Flight Instructor to reschedule your time-of-charter or Assessment-Flight by either calling or sending a SMS to the school on 0487 50 25 50. Alternatively, you can send us an email to:

Should you be unable to provide at least 24 hours’ notice (within reason), you will be charged a non-negotiable hire-cancellation fee of $65 per scheduled hour of hire. Prices are subject to change.

Thank you.