What is a Gyrocopter

Parked trike at Innamincka airstrip at sunriseExperience the unique Gyrocopter-Sensation

Our Gyrocopters (MTO Sport and a Cavalon) are one of the most modern and sophisticated gyrocopters in the World and completely manufactory built and aircraft-licensed in Germany and England. There are many advantages of flying this new generation Gyrocopter over conventional aircrafts, simply because Gyrocopter don’t stall or tail spin and they can fly at very low speeds.

Parked trike at Innamincka airstrip at sunriseModern Gyrocopters have a very short take-off and landing roll due to their genuine STOL performance and they can be flown out of most airstrips but most importantly for safe flying is the Gyrocopter’s little or no effect from strong winds and turbulence leaving the pilot comfortable and safe.

Gyrocopters are easy to transport and set up quickly and require minimal storage space in a hangar or on a trailer. When it comes down to the money, a modern Gyrocopter costs around 10% of the purchase and operating costs of a helicopter but it can perform around 90% of the helicopter’s applications.

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