Gyrocopter Training Categories and Costs

Gyrocopter Flight Training – Three Categories:

The first category is for new pilots or Ab-Initio (from scratch!) students. Our training follows the official Syllabus provided by ASRA (Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association) and leads you step by step to a valid ASRA Pilot Certificate, which is mandatory in order to fly Gyrocopters in Australia. For Ab-Initio students, there is a regulatory requirement of a minimum 20 hours of training, which includes a minimum of 15 hours dual, and a minimum of 5 hours solo flying. In addition to the practical training, there is also the necessary multiple-choice written exam to be passed. We proudly offer ASRA Student Training at affordable prices in the highest quality training conditions.

The second category is for converting fixed wing pilots or helicopter pilots, who want to acquire new basic skills in order to fly Gyrocopters. For holders of a fixed-wing or micro light Pilot Certificate, the Gyrocopter training requirements are reduced significantly. We will take into account the pilot’s previous experience and it requires a minimum of only 5 hours of training. From our experience the training time can range between 8 to 15 hours and the mandatory written exams to pass in order to complete the conversion to a Gyrocopter pilot. Another advantage is, that ASRA normally recognizes the converting pilots existing endorsements.

The third category is for already certified Gyrocopter pilots, who want to get better and improve their aviation skills with us. Byron Bay Gyrocopters organises and conducts BFR’s, Maintenance-Workshops, XC-Training, Meteorology-Seminars, Safety-Courses and much more excellent educational seminars about Gyrocopter Flying.

We proudly offer four types of Training Packages:

Fly & Pay Training 

Whenever you have time available, come for a dual training lesson with us and pay as you go. Every hour will be recorded in your personal pilot’s Log book. This is also a great way to get back into flying for those who had  long break, as well as updating your skills or for flight reviews. Every dual-training hour costs you only $225, which includes 1 hour of professional flight training by an ASRA accredited Flight Instructor, 1 h hire of a modern Gyrocopter (Autogyro MTO), hire of an flight suit and aviation helmet with head set and briefings.

Cost: $225*per hour

Basic Pilot Dual-Training Package

This package includes a free 30min trial instructional flight and 10 Hours of dual Flight Training in one of our Gyrocopters. Every additional Training Hour costs you only $215 after purchasing this great package bundle. You will get 10 hours of professional dual flight training by an ASRA accredited Flight Instructor, flight theory and briefings. 10 h hire of a modern Gyrocopter (Autogyro MTO), hire of an flight suit and aviation helmet with head set.

Cost: $2150*

20 h – Pilot Dual-Training Package

This power package includes 20 hours of professional dual flight training by an ASRA accredited Flight Instructor, a free aviation weather-seminar and a free 30 min TI Experience Flight with one of our Flight Instructors, all flight theory (power-point presentation: Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Flight Rules & Procedures, Meteorology and usage of an air-band radio, all exams and briefings. 20 h hire of a modern Gyrocopter (Autogyro MTO), hire of an flight suit and aviation helmet with head set. If additional dual training hours are required, they would costs you only $215 after purchasing this money-saving package bundle.

Cost: $4590*

Converting Pilot-Training Package

This package is tailored for converting pilots with a current pilot licence (PPL, CPL, RAAus, etc), who would like to obtain the Australian Gyrocopter Licence. It includes 10 hours of dual Flight Training in one of our modern factory-build Gyrocopters, together with our Chief Flight Instructor. The package also includes all examinations and briefings as well as an 1 hour hire of the aircraft for your first solo-flight in a Gyrocopter (supervised), which are requirements for the ASRA Pilot Licence. Every additional Dual Training Hour would costs you only $215 after purchasing this great package bundle.

Cost: $2450*

*= This price does not include an ASRA membership, registration fees, any insurance or rental fees for Solo-Flights. This offer cannot be transferred to any other students or Flight Schools. At all stages of the training and in case of any hazards or safety concerns, has the Flight Instructor has the right to cancel, abort or to refuse the training. Thank you.

Gyrocopter Theory-Basics:

This powerpoint-guided Theory Seminar covers the most important aspects of flight-theory and helps to develop a sound foundation of Gyrocopter-Flying, the aerodynamics of a rotary wing and gyro-mechanics. Duration: approx. 3-4 hours and is already included in our money-saving 20h-Training Package).

Costs: $145 p/p

Aviation Weather Seminar:

This is a must for all light-weight Aircraft Pilots. Our aviation weather-seminar will  provide you a profound inside of how weather actually works and how to make precise forecasts and how different weather conditions can have an impact on your aircrafts performance. This course goes needs a minimum of 3 students/pilots and goes for approx. 6 hours (…and is included in our money-saving 20h-Training Package).

Costs: $165 p/p

Refresher-Flight-Training for current ASRA pilots:

Costs: $215 p/h  (after an initial 30min dual-Assessment-Flight)

Biannual Flight Reviews:

from Costs: $125 

(Re-)Written Examinations (BAK, RADIO, FR&P):

Costs: $45  (per person and exam, initial exams are free with our 20h-package and in package for converting pilots ) 

ASRA Endorsements

Additional to the Pilot License there are several important Gyrocopter endorsements to obtain in Australia. Our ASRA accredited Flight Instructors provide the best professional training for you to improve your skills in a safe and affordable way in order to obtain the desired endorsements.

Here is a list of some highly recommended endorsements and seminars for you:

Radio Operator:

For most aerodromes, airports or airfields this endorsement is mandatory in order to land or to take-off. For your own safety we heartily recommend all pilots to get this endorsement in order to provide good communication between you and other aircrafts in a traffic busy time. (This endorsement is already included in our 20h-Training Package).

Passenger Carriage:

Take your Granny for a spin! Share your passion and fun with friends or relatives. This endorsement requires professional and profound training, which we do provide in order that someone else can trust you and your abilities to take him/her off and back on the ground in the safest manner possible. The requirements for this endorsement are a current medical,  minimum of 60 hours as a PIC (pilot in command) and 200 takeoffs and landing. This course includes a briefing before and after a flight with an instructor and a 30 min dual-check-flight in our gyrocopter. This flight will include several power-off landings and recoveries from simulated passenger induced situations.

Costs: $245

Cross Country & Aerodrome Course:

Where as the normal pilot certificate is restricted to fly within the vicinity of 25 Nautical Miles around the airfield, from which you have been taking-off, the Cross Country endorsement qualifies you to go further and actually allows you to fly away. We will provide you with quality training in Navigation including how to read aviation maps, use of compass, practice of medium and low level navigation, diversion- and lost procedures, improving your knowledge about flight log management, Air law and Radiotelephony. This course also includes 3 hours of dual training in our modern factory-build Gyrocopter to prepare you for most eventualities of practical Cross Country Flying in order to get your XC endorsement and aerodrome endorsement in one go.

Costs: $695

Cross Country Exam in your own gyro:

Task of a 2 hours supervised solo flight, in your own aircraft with an instructor in your back seat (if aircraft is suitable) and theory exam.

Costs: $295

Cross Country Exam in our gyro:

Task of a 2 hours supervised solo flight, in our modern MTO Sport Gyrocopter with an instructor in your back seat and theory exam.

Costs: $595

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you wish to discuss your training with us, either for learning the basics of flying, improving or upgrading your personal flying skills. Call us today: 0487 50 25 50. Thank you